Our unique Bräustübl Beer!

The production of our Augustiner Beer takes roughly 12 weeks and goes through the following steps:

Only the best natural ingredients (water. malt. hops) and traditional tried and tested recipes are used in our brewery.

Cooling vessel & 'Beriesler'
The open cooling of the beer occurs in what is presummin. The only the last cooling vessel in all of Austria.

Fermentation Cellar
Very few breweries still ferment their beer using open fermentation vats – as is done here in the Augustiner brewery - whereby the yeast added in the beginning of the process settles on the bottom, resulting in what is known as a bottom-fermented beer.

Storage Cellar
This is where the maturation and purification takes place. The yeast and the proteins separate while delicate bubbles start to form thanks to special storage techniques and a sufficient maturation time.

Filtration Cellar
With the help of a cotton filter, the beer is carefully and naturally brought to its peak so that all of the delicate ingredients are preserved to offer a great high quality taste.

Barrel and Bottle Cellar
Here, the beer is filled into wooden barrels, or kegs specified for the restaurant industry. The beer is bottled in the bottle cellar.

In case you would like to learn more about our unique Augustiner brewing process, please feel free to contact us for individual brewery tours (groups only).
Or take a virtual tour through our brewery (in German) >>