400 years of tradition


Founded in 1621 by Augustinian monks, the brewery with its “Bräustübl” restaurant is today one of the largest and most traditional public houses in Austria. Johann Mühlbacher qualified as a master brewer in 1895 after completing his apprenticeship with the brewery. At that time the brewery was still very small, outdated and dilapidated. It was able to produce a maximum of 30 hectolitres. Before the First World War, the Bräustübl consisted of the brewery, 2 halls, booths and the beer garden.

The Bräustübl was expanded into 1926 with a 3rd hall and the beer garden enlarged. Operations were shut down during the Second World War after a bombing raid in 1944. The cloisters, booths, the path from the monastery to the restaurant as well as some of the halls were heavily damaged to such an extent that it was no longer possible to continue operating.

Today, the Bräustübl is the largest public house in Austria - more than 5,000 square metres of seating in five large halls and three cosy lounges as well as seating for 1400 people in the outdoor beer garden.

Beer is tapped from wooden barrels and served in traditional beer steins.
 Traditional cuisine to enjoy with your beer can be found from the many different stands in the “Schmankerlgang” food arcade.

The Bräustübl is a meeting place full of tradition - a piece of living history in the heart of the UNESCO historic centre of Salzburg.