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Regional Delicacies

The path through our delicatessen arcade is full of culinary pleasures - from radishes to fine mayonnaise - you will surely grow an appetite for a decent snack.

A Seal of Quality exists for brew pubs since over 10 years and is awarded on an annual basis for extraordinary culinary achievements.

Information on the lastet awards can be found here >>

Visit our various delicatessen stalls ('Schmankerl-Standl'n')
in our 'Schmankerl-Gang':

Schmankerl-Stand Atanassoff
Schmankerl-Stand Grillerei Birngruber
Schmankerl-Stand Essl
Schmankerl-Stand Kammeringer  (Seal of Quality Award 2010+2019)
Schmankerl-Stand Pavlovic (Seal of Quality Award 2008+2009+2012+2016)
Schmankerl-Stand Raha
Schmankerl-Stand Schleicher (vormals Haidenthaller) (Seal of Quality Award 2013+2014+2017+2018)
Schmankerl-Stand Schwaighofer (Seal of Quality Award 2015)

in our garden

Schmankerl-Stand Grillerei & Steckerlfisch Birngruber